Five Dusky Phantoms:

Re-reading Moby Dick in Times of Trouble. 

Blazevox.Fall 2018


The First Lady Boy Imam 

[Bali 2013]  Click here to read.

Reading Huckleberry Finn in Morocco

[Morocco 2006] Click here to read.



The Very Modern Adventures

of Genevieve & Gloria: 


A Picaresque Novel 

Available for preview summer 2019


     It’s 1967 in Michigan, not far from Detroit, and seven year old Genevieve is listening to Jim Morrison sing “Light My Fire” on the radio. Riot and revolution are in the air and Vieve wants to join, but how?  Doomed to playing jump-rope with the dull children of the neighborhood she considers hiding in the cupboard until she is grown. That is until, the Greenpoint Poles from NYC, roll down the street with their moving van, carrying two carnival ponies and their daughter Gloria, the friend that Vieve has been waiting for.  Or is she?


Read a complete Synopsis here. 

Contact me if you would like to read a sample chapter. 

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