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About Saraswati's Lament

Wet Cement Press 2018
ISBN: 978-1-7324369-0-9
82 pages, 4.25"x 7",
Perfect Bound
$9.95 here at Wet Cement Press
$12.95 from Amazon, etc.

"Always there is a story you are part of," Barbara Roether writes in Saraswati's Lament, "and another story you don't understand."  


She has forsaken all she has to come to the "empty rooms" she inhabits in Bali, in search of being, of liberation, of those dark ways of affirmation that living, in the profound sense, elsewhere is. "Do we contain each place already?" she asks.  These poems would answer that question not only about Bali, but its stories, too and of herself as re-teller of them.  And 'yes' is what they come to find.


--Peter Weltner author of  You Wait for Me Where Mountain Peaks Are White as Your Hair (Marrowstone Press)













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